Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a girl that discovered she liked creating. She lived for creating.

This girl knew she wanted to use her life for making things and, somehow, help others. Maybe teaching, making them discover, making them think or encouraging them to make things themselves.

She wanted to make things and make others feel.

These thoughts had arrived to her through all the books she had read, from all the good moments she had lived with them. "I wish I could make something like this to make someone feel like I feel now" she thought. And she decided she would become a writer. She wrote pages and pages with her thoughts and stories that motivated her. She filled blanks everywhere in between lines.

Later on in her life, she learnt how to read properly. She read the big ones in History and learnt that not only words have meanings but also blanks and in between lines. She learned stories are hiding and building everywhere....

While learning how to read she also started to learn how to look. Someone put a camera on her hands and suddenly she understood that she could not only write those stories, thought, feelings with words, but that she could also write them with light and create images. It was magic.

She then started finding her own path with light as it is something you need to learn you mould and get used to. The same way she preferred some authors over others, and some words to express herself, she needed to learn the light she was feeling more comfortable with and over what she wanted that light.

But creating is not something easy. Creating implies time, effort, all you have got inside you sometimes.

This girl grew up and live became more real, more independent or, actually, more dependent. She was more dependent on making a living out of something for being able to create. But time shrunk little by little, and motivation sometimes was not showing up at all. She grew up and thought she had to give more time to that "dependent" thing in order to buy herself some time and some tranquility: being independent. 

She needed to be dependent in order to be independent.

Does that make any sense?

This is the story of this girl right in this point in her life. When she realized she wanted to go back to her stories, her words and her light. 

The dream of this girl was living out of making, creating. 

It's going to be tough and hard sometimes as this girl knows she lost the track a little bit. She does not know how to follow the path any more and needs to discover new light and new words. But she's going to work hard to achieve that. 

She tried some times in the past, writing others' stories and just painting others' light. But in the end she felt it was not making HER story. She's now going to find her own way and her own path. And this blog is going to be a witness of all that as, TADAAAAA, that girl is me. Surprised, huh?!

I'm going to be posting about thoughts and ideas, discoveries and how to's. Maybe it's not the best way, but I'll be working to find it, don't worry.

If you made it to this sentence here, thanks for reading. It really means a lot to me. And if you have any questions or you want to say "hi" or any other thought, do not hesitate to contact me via comments, contact area in the web or writing to hola.emmaespejo@gmail.com. It may take me a while to respond but I promise I will.

This will be a new chapter, please, don't let that dreamy girl down.