Love your self, Love your skin.

It's been a while that I have been giving myself all the care and love to respect and take care of my body, and I thought I could share some ideas, as this is something I've been battling for a while.

Some years ago I started experiencing some reactions in my face skin. It took me a while to find the right doctor to help me with the correct prescription. This doctor was based on the basis of medicine. His prescriptions were not so much recommending a specific lotion promoting a certain brand but writing the whole recipe himself so the chemist would prepare it for me. Individually and personally created.

I've been getting more and more interested in natural remedies for the past few years. For some years, I saw my skin reacting all sorts of ways to the "ordinary" products, shower gels, shampoo, lotions... My skin itched and ached, I had red parts that were almost bleeding. I was desperate and did not know what to do.

I returned to the same doctor and he simply told me to not use the "shit" we find in the supermarkets. He told me to go back to the basics and use something more natural.

Mamita Botanical

I started using products based on the main principles of cleaning and hydrating since, as he put it "we are not dirty, we don't really need to shower with such aggressive products). So I started washing both my body and face with  natural soaps based on olive oil, argan oil, almond oil... 

My skin changed, my quality of live improved. 

Little by little, I saw changes in my face skin. I was growing, my face skin was getting more... let's say "experienced", and needed for some extra help. Dryness, red areas, dead skin. I needed some help.


Some years ago I discovered an online shop I'm totally in love with: The Singular Olivia. It's a little shop in Segovia, Spain, that ships all their products (at least to Spain, not sure if it ships internationally). Thanks to Paula, its owner, I discovered a new brand she started selling in the shop: Mamita Botanical.

Mamita Botanical happens to be the beautiful project of Eli, a girl that, like me, had a curiosity and interest in natural remedies and the power of nature for curing and healing. She had had issues with her skin as well and after chemical products, she found the solution in oils.

Her interest took her further into this field and she started a brand of skincare products or, as she puts it, skin food.

Believe me, it is skin food.

mamita botanical skincare
mamita botanical skincare
Mamita botanical skincare
Mamita botanical serum super linda


Little by little, my Mamita Botanical family has been growing in my routine, and since I discovered this little brand from Barcelona, my own city, my face skin has improved and is now feeling alive again. The color, the texture and, most importantly, the feeling.

The cleaning powder is magic, and so easy to use, you only need to mix it with little water and get a paste that will wash your face perfectly. The toner has helped me with my oily skin and annoying pimples and, believe me, I can't go to bed without adding the "super linda" serum and "Super Linda" moisturizer to my daily routine. Including that smell... oh my... That smell is like going to sleep into just washed sheets with the summer breeze of lavender (I sound like exaggerating... but I am not)

Must say, I have oily skin and I'm adding OIL to my skin every day!!!! But believe me, the right number of drops will do magic.

Also, after those long summer days, after being exposed to the sun, both the serum and the body oil will help your skin regenerate, get what it needs to heal from the aggression of the sun and you will avoid peeling the days after (at least, it helped me a LOT with that).

I hope all this information is useful and that you start using more sustainable and natural products that respect your skin and your whole body.

I'll be talking about more ways we can take care of ourselves. This way, I hope we can go back to feeling better in our own skin.

mamita botanical skincare
Mamita Botanical Skincare